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Air Fresheners
Bulk Discounts: 1-4 $3.00/each 5-9 $2.75/each 10-20 $2.50/each 21+ 2.25/each

Bulk Discounts:
1-4 $3.00/each
5-9 $2.75/each
10-20 $2.50/each
21+ 2.25/each

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  • I love the lime cooler scent. Long lasting fragrance, clean, and burns evenly, and I love the simple charm of the packaging. Can’t wait to try the other scents.

  • Best candles I have ever purchased and they actually work – especially the odor eliminator for smokers – I highly recommend this one for all the smokers. The other candles I have purchased work great even without lighting them – I use them in closets and spare rooms to keep the rooms lightly scented.
    These are the only candles I will ever buy because they actually work and have a scent that lasts as long as there is wax!

  • The SOS candles are fantastic. Fragrance throughout the entire burn of the candle, great scents and supporting a small business are just a few of the highlights of why I recommend the candles. If you want your house to smell inviting and not like an overbearing scent that sticks to your nostrils, the SOS candles are a must. Love them!

  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these candles! I always get compliments from friends and neighbors!

    • I love these candles. I’m spoiled as I get to smell new scents since Linda works in the same building, but love to buy them for friends and family as gifts and the smell is fantastic. They really do last so much longer than other candles that I have and the soy is so much cleaner burning.

  • As a frequent candle user, SOS candles are without a doubt the highest quality and best scented candles I have ever purchased. If you haven’t tried them yet, you truly have no idea what you are missing. Once you buy your first one, you’ll be hooked for life!!!!

    The best part of SOS candles is that they are the only candles I have ever used that burn so evenly that once they do finally burn down there is absolutely nothing left in the container. It blows my mind every time!!! If you are anything like me, there’s nothing as irritating as feeling totally ripped off when you pay a bunch of money for what you think is a quality candle, and then half way through burning it the wick burns out leaving 25-50% of the wax in the bottom of the container. After personally burning at least twelve SOS candles over the last year, it is a true testament to their undeniable quality that every single one has burned all the way to the bottom of the jar.

    And as if that’s not enough, a few other fantastic attributes of these candles include:

    1) These candles are made using QUALITY soy based material- a personal preference of mine. And in my experience, quality soy based candles that burn evenly are incredibly hard to find; as most manufacturers tend to cut corners either with the type of wax, the wick, the scent distribution, or all three.

    2) Every scent I’ve tried so far is strong (yet not overwhelming) and is evenly distributed throughout the candle, so each candle smells amazing to the very end (none of that spritz the top layer of wax with scent trick in these candles). My favorite scents are Lilac, Honeysuckle Jasmine, and Monkey Farts (hilarious name for a candle that smells so good). And for the winter season, the Blue Spruce scent is a must have!!!! It makes your whole house smell like a Rocky Mountain Christmas.

    3) For their size, they last longer than any other candle I have ever purchased (soy or otherwise, and even candles twice their size).

    So if you are on the fence about trying one, I can’t recommend any better candle than SOS. You will not be disappointed! Go get one today!

  • SOS candles are wonderful! I give them out as gifts and ALWAYS have a few burning at home. They smell great and are long lasting! Love them!

  • I love the fresh smell of the scents. I usually burn lemon or peach. I burn them every night after cooking in the kitchen and it just freshens up the whole room.

  • I have purchased about 6 of the scents and love them all especially the Odor Eliminator! Great with pets or cooking odors. Nice long life to the candle too. One of the best candles I have ever purchased.

    Ann 8/7/2015

  • Love these candles!!!! I have one in each room of my condo. The scents are so evenly distributed and keep the area softly scented when the lid is off…even when not burning.

    Thanks for such a great hometown USA product.

  • We love these candles! These are the best soy candles we have found. They burn clean and the scent lasts until the candle is gone. These are also great gift ideas. We have given these as gifts and everyone has asked us where they can buy them. You can give them as housewarming gifts, at Christmas, birthdays or whatever the occasion – they are sure to be a hit.

  • SoS candles are probably the best soy candles on the market. The fragrances burn clean and true to their description without being overwhelming. They also last longer than other candles and most importantly, they are made in the US! I make sure to keep several on hand as they make welcome hostess gifts. Favorite scents for me are Beach Daisies, Georgia Peach, Candy Cane and Holly Berry. I’ve tried many others without being disappointed in a single one!

  • Absolutely love these candles! They burn clean and the smell is wonderful!! My house smells so yummy when burning. I have purchased for gifts and my friends love them too. Don’t wait buy one today!!!

  • High quality candles for the right price. Wife loves how long they last.

  • I absolutely love these candles!!!! Being a smoker and having smokers in the house these candles really do work on eliminating the odors left behind, smoke and odor eliminator is truly a blessing, thanks Rick, I also like the Very Vanilla in the kitchen after oil frying.
    I have used many candles in my house for years and after finding SOS candles I will not use anything else, I do not know the economics regarding this but I think tea lights or a votive for all of my sconces.
    All I can say is keep up the good work and I can’t wait for the new scents coming


  • Love these candles, the scent actually fills the room even when they aren’t lit. My brother says my house smells good enough to eat. He begged me to buy him some. Unlike every other candle I have bought they actually keep my home smelling wonderful until they are completely burnt down. My favorite is the Macintosh Apple, perfect for fall.

  • Great products – I love that they can literally make your whole house smell beautiful for hours on end 🙂

    They also make great gifts since they are all white – no need totry to match a friends color shceme!

  • LOVE ALL the amazing scents you have come up with! They leave my house with the best aroma that seems to last forever. I’m always excited to see what new flavors you come up with.

  • We love SOS candles. We always have one our coffee table and look forward to all the new scents.

  • We buy candles and give one to each of our buyers for their new home. The feedback on the candles has been great and we are going to continue to give them out as a gift to our buyers.

  • SOS Candles is a great product. I like how clean they burn. There are many scents to choose from and its great how it lasts until the candle is gone. I have given a few as Mother’s Day gifts and I always keep one in my office.

  • I love these candles!! The scents are so unique & last so much longer than other candles!! Well worth the money! I gave them as Christmas gifts to my co-workers and I’m getting request for more!!

  • Lovely candles! Nice quality and amazing fragrance each time they burn.

  • Love the scents. Best candle I have ever purchased. The smell is amazing and it burns nicely.

  • We ordered 20 SOS candles for our wedding reception tables. They went perfectly with our rustic outdoor setting and burned beautifully. Even though we were burning outdoors the scents were still fragrant and delightful and enjoyed by all. We even had guests wanting to take some home because the enjoyed so much!