Scents of Soy

Soy Candles

Candles-with-lidsEach of our hand wicked, hand poured and hand labeled candles are made in our home in Littleton, Colorado.

We use only the best ingredients and after months of testing waxes and wicks, we believe the combination of our candles is the best.

Each of our scents is tested in our home and if the aroma is not there for us we will not attempt to sell it to you.

We decided to hand prepare candles for you that have wonderful scents, clean and simple color and lines to adapt to any décor.

The aroma of each of our candles is mixed entirely throughout the candle so the scent will be there until the last of the wax is used.

We believe you will be so pleased with your Scents of Soy candle you will come back again and again.